Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snowed INN!

Today the Bar Five kids had NO SCHOOL... due to the large amount of snow, rain and ice on the roads.
As everyone was home today we needed a meal that would be filling and fitting for a cold day.
MIK pushing snow and having fun! (=

One of Bar Five's daughters, MIK, pushed snow around the farm to continue farm chores for this evening!

And then.... to she came into the warm house for lunch and was surprised with a feast.... ROAST TURKEY!
Roast Turkey on a Winter Day is wonderful memory of  HOME!
Even the animals were out in the snow today, I guess they can handle a few more days of cold and snow.... they should be used to it by now!

As a follower of Bar Five Blast... what did you do on your Snow Day? (if you had one) How did you spend the day enjoying the extra few inches of snow? Let us know! ;)

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