Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Rain at the Bar Five Ranch!

Dear Followers,
this past month of May has been quite.... Dreary! :( Going to the market this weekend we had many amazing and wonderful customers come through the harsh and pounding rain... determined to GET OUT!
Decidingly-determined to get to the market for a fresh dozen of EGGS or meat for the following nice days of sunshine for the grill... marketeers dodged raindrops and came prepared for mother nature's defiant weather!
Similarily, the animals at the Bar Five Ranch were not going to be kept indoors! (or in-Barns) LOL!
Posted are captured moments of the rainy Saturday on May 21st of the turkeys, chickens and other random pictures of life on the farm at Bar Five Ranch! Enjoy.

Our field road as the rain came down lightly, Mik caught this pic for her Photo class and it is AMAZING! 

Mik scored a moment of with our turkeys enjoying the bright morning sunshine before the rain on Saturday!

One of the very many chickens running around on our farm that decided to venture out into the wet rain for fresh air and exercise!

The field road AFTER the rain and clouds slightly cleared up!

A pair of Canadian geese on the field road, in the rain, enjoying the warm shower! <3
Anyone need any dandelions for wine-making or tinctures?
I feel like I have my own personal "Yellow-Brick Road" LOL!

Some really cool-looking clouds over our homestead!

More clouds!

Clouds AGAIN!