Thursday, April 21, 2011

In the making.... SAUSAGE!

Jessy Labeling and Vacuum Sealing the Snack Sticks!

Close up of the Snack Sticks in the vacuum sealer

MMMMM! Deliciousness!

Jessy and Snack Sticks Display after Sealing!


Dad (John) and Dave stuffing and measuring the snack sticks before they enter the smokehouse

Mik pricing meat at the meat scale and LOVING her job!

How well do YOU know your sausage maker?
In our case, BAR FIVE has many MAKERS, in fact they are all FAMILY! 
Step-By-Step we handle the meat, from stuffing, smoking, packaging and labeling the product!
How many others can say they get a "CLOSE-UP" on their producer? 
-Happy Eatings!

Easter Egg Coloring!

Dear Readers,
This week at Bar Five we colored Easter Eggs for our family festivities! Check out our fun Family Photos!

These colorful expressions of Easter will be at the St.Paul and Minneapolis Farmers Market this Weekend from 9 to 12! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second Week of Spring Market!

Spring Is HERE!
How are you showing your
Bar Five Meat and Poultry Celebrates by waking up the JOKE BOX!

What animal always goes to bed with its shoes on?
A horse!
What do you call a pig with no clothes on?
Streaky bacon!
What did the farmer call the cow that would not give him any milk?
An udder failure!

Here is some fun FARM INFORMATION you wouldn’t find anywhere else!
·        The average cow can smell up to 6 miles away!
·        There are 350 squirts in a gallon of milk!
(A squirt is defined by the process of hand milking a cow)
·        A cow daily produces 7 gallons of milk a DAY!
·        46,000 glasses of milk per year for ONE COW!
·        A cow is an herbivore- only has teeth on the bottom of its jaw!

Specialty Items this WEEK!
Ø Tuscan Chicken Brat
(Tomato, Basil and Parmesan Cheese)

Ø Raspberry Chiptole Turkey Burgers

Ø Chicken Pot Pies!

Ø Blueberry Chicken Breakfast Links

Ø Beef Snack Sticks- Made this week!

We will also have COLORED Easter Eggs again this week!
Order today- Custom made/ Pre-Colored Easter Eggs!!

Will be at BOTH
St. Paul and Minneapolis Farmers Markets

Check out our BLOG PAGE TODAY!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grilling Idea #1

Hello! Are you tired of cooking indoors? With March's cold, snowy weather I am ready to pull out my grill and flare it up! Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite "chicken on the grill" receipes.

 * 2- 1/2 Chickens
 * Seasoning- Season salt (my preffered seasoning),
but there are other options like: salt and pepper, grilling herbs, McCormick's Kickin' Chicken rub or your own!
 * Grill

1) Start grill
2) As the grill is warming up, remove chicken from the plastic package, discard the plastic in the waste/recycling.
3) Put chicken on a clean plate or surface
5) Trim chicken by removing excess skin or fat
 - this is another personal preference, it also helps reduce flare-ups as chicken is cooked over the grill
6) Season chicken with desired seasoning
7) When grill is ready, place chicken on the grill.
- this allows for an even cooking of the meat on the opposite side
- reduction in lost amount of juices and dry white meat
- reduces flare ups
-easier, just put the chicken on the grill and let it cook for 25- 40 minutes
(may vary on the type of grill and setting of heat)
8) Check chicken for doneness by using a thermometer and placing it in the white and dark meat.
Thermometer must read 165 degrees Farenheight!
9) Enjoy!

Spring has Come! So has the Markets!

Greetings Customer!
Come help
Celebrate the OPENING of
this weekend!
EVERY Saturday both Minneapolis & St. Paul Farmer’s Markets will be OPEN!
                                     Getting Ready for Easter?
We have got you covered…
Sign up today for
v HAM (original wood-smoked ham)
v Smoked Whole Turkey
v Fresh Whole Turkey
v Rabbit – NEW!
v Leg of Lamb
v Pork Crown Roast
This Week at the Farmer’s Market….
v Regular (Wood Smoked) Bacon
v Hungarian Pepper Bacon
v Smoked Turkey Legs
v Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Burgers
v Chicken Pot Pies
v Ground Beef
v Fresh Chicken
- Breast
- 1/2 Chickens- Get your grills ready!
- Leg & Thigh Quarters
- Wings
v Chicken Sausages
v Pork Brats
v Beef Bacon
v Chorizo Sausage
v Meatloaf Mix
v Breakfast Sausage
-          Smoked Links
-          Zesty Breakfast Patties
-          Bulk Breakfast Sausage
-          Chorizo Sausage
-          Chicken Breakfast Links (3 Flavors!)

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