Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break, College Visit, Baby Calves and Sunshine

This past week Liz came home for college spring break and helped mom (Laura) finish wallpapering the kitchen and mud-room. Then, they worked on putting the house back together, including pictures or wall ornaments.

This coming week Mik is visiting Liz at Saint Catherine University on Monday and Tuesday! Mik is going to get the college experience of going to classes, viewing campus, reading a campus map, and touring St. Paul Highland.

This past weekend there were 2 baby calves born! One was early Friday afternoon to Jacob favorite heifer, Shasta, the heifer he took to the county fair. A beautiful bull calf was born to Shasta on the cold Friday night. The second calf was born to a cow named Montana, for she came from Montana state and has a distinct red/brownish color to her coat. This momma cow is very protective of her calf and we have not yet been able to find out the gender of this calf. :(

SUNSHINE!! When will we get it? I know!
This week promises to give us lots of sunshine until this weekend, then we will be getting lots of warm weather to melt the snow.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday Night Prep

Good Evening!
Tonight we are getting prepared to prepare ourselves for Friday's preparation for Saturday St. Paul Farmers market! (wow what a mouthful)

That includes coming up with a new product item: Turkey Breast Roast!
Ever heard of it? NOPE, neither have we! So now we are going to shake up the kitchen with a healthy piece of meat and bake it in the oven with some vegetables! mmmmm YUM :)

Smoked Chickens are marinating and being prepped for the smoke house, we will smoke them tomorrow morning so they are fresh for Saturday! There are many ideas and uses for Smoked Chicken, like:

  • Chicken Salad- Top off your favorite lunch or dinner salad with chunks of smoked chicken
  • Chicken Soup- Add smokey and salty flavor to your favorite soup
  • Smoked Chicken- as the main course, add favorite vegetables, (potatoes, green beens, sweet corn)
We will also have Rabbit tomorrow!
Chicken Pot Pies also will be brought, so if you have a hankerin' for a juicy, tasty pot pie... come and get them! :) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snowed INN!

Today the Bar Five kids had NO SCHOOL... due to the large amount of snow, rain and ice on the roads.
As everyone was home today we needed a meal that would be filling and fitting for a cold day.
MIK pushing snow and having fun! (=

One of Bar Five's daughters, MIK, pushed snow around the farm to continue farm chores for this evening!

And then.... to she came into the warm house for lunch and was surprised with a feast.... ROAST TURKEY!
Roast Turkey on a Winter Day is wonderful memory of  HOME!
Even the animals were out in the snow today, I guess they can handle a few more days of cold and snow.... they should be used to it by now!

As a follower of Bar Five Blast... what did you do on your Snow Day? (if you had one) How did you spend the day enjoying the extra few inches of snow? Let us know! ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cold Weather calls for a Warm Meal!

Tonight Bar Five is creating a warm meal for all its' children: Liz, Mik, Jess and Jake are eagerly awaiting a warm beef roast to emerge from the oven. Its wrapped carefully in aluminum foil to preserve the flavor and juice that will be turned into a rich gravy to accompany the rosemary and garlic potatoes, green beans and slices apples.
Tomorrow the left over meat will join the children at school as Roast Beef Sandwiches for lunch! Ohh YUM!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Here is a big "THANK YOU" to all our St. Paul and Minneapolis customers who came to visit us at the market!
We made it through the cold, bone-chilling wind, along with slippery ice patches today that made the market less lively and cheerful today! :(
But, no matter! There is a predicted amount of sunshine and warm weather coming to MN to brighten up the market!
Keep in touch for EASTER SPECIALS soon to be posted to our Facebook Account and here at the Bar Five Blast!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Paul Farmers Market TODAY

Come see Jake, Mik, John and Liz @ St. Paul today!
Also, come pick up you CORNED BEEF, IRISH BACON and BEEF BRISKET for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Event! :)
Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spreading the Wings!


Heading out to acquaint wholesome, nutritious food to attentive customers pursuing a healthier, alternative lifestyle!

Mission Objective: Inform the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area with BAR FIVE's meat and eggs

Step 1: Head to the FARMER'S MARKET weekly on Saturdays...(yes even in the winter!)

Step 2: Offer Fresh, Quality products to customers without taking the flavor of the farm out of the product or selection!