Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall on the Farm

 Fall is often regarded by many Minnesotans as their favorite season, for the astonishing colors of yellow, red, gold, and green are only available for viewing in a short, abrupt season.
 Cool, brisk morning air with the sun barely peaking over the horizon, streaking the sky with pink, purple and blue ripples across the Minnesota blue sky.
 The BAR FIVE family eagerly starts the day to take care of the animals and start the harvest season!     Everyone this fall season seems to be enjoying the nice warm weather that has carried us into the middle of October. The intimidating apprehension of winter occupies the minds of farmers and fellow Minnesotans alike.
   With soybeans, corn and hay to reap before the nice warm weather turns to freezing cold and the rush of finding a home for all crops and animals to bunk is occupying the minds of all farmers. 

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