Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second Week of Spring Market!

Spring Is HERE!
How are you showing your
Bar Five Meat and Poultry Celebrates by waking up the JOKE BOX!

What animal always goes to bed with its shoes on?
A horse!
What do you call a pig with no clothes on?
Streaky bacon!
What did the farmer call the cow that would not give him any milk?
An udder failure!

Here is some fun FARM INFORMATION you wouldn’t find anywhere else!
·        The average cow can smell up to 6 miles away!
·        There are 350 squirts in a gallon of milk!
(A squirt is defined by the process of hand milking a cow)
·        A cow daily produces 7 gallons of milk a DAY!
·        46,000 glasses of milk per year for ONE COW!
·        A cow is an herbivore- only has teeth on the bottom of its jaw!

Specialty Items this WEEK!
Ø Tuscan Chicken Brat
(Tomato, Basil and Parmesan Cheese)

Ø Raspberry Chiptole Turkey Burgers

Ø Chicken Pot Pies!

Ø Blueberry Chicken Breakfast Links

Ø Beef Snack Sticks- Made this week!

We will also have COLORED Easter Eggs again this week!
Order today- Custom made/ Pre-Colored Easter Eggs!!

Will be at BOTH
St. Paul and Minneapolis Farmers Markets

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