Thursday, April 21, 2011

In the making.... SAUSAGE!

Jessy Labeling and Vacuum Sealing the Snack Sticks!

Close up of the Snack Sticks in the vacuum sealer

MMMMM! Deliciousness!

Jessy and Snack Sticks Display after Sealing!


Dad (John) and Dave stuffing and measuring the snack sticks before they enter the smokehouse

Mik pricing meat at the meat scale and LOVING her job!

How well do YOU know your sausage maker?
In our case, BAR FIVE has many MAKERS, in fact they are all FAMILY! 
Step-By-Step we handle the meat, from stuffing, smoking, packaging and labeling the product!
How many others can say they get a "CLOSE-UP" on their producer? 
-Happy Eatings!

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